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Informazioni Editoriali

International standards   [Versione italiana]

Informazioni Editoriali has always been committed to studying, using and spreading international book standards.

A collaboration has been established with the Italian ISBN Agency in order to exchange data about the ISBN-Title link and related metadata.

IE coordinates the Italian working group on ONIX for Books and THEMA standards.

Since 2005 IE has been in charge of the Italian ISMN Agency.

Informazioni Editorialiís products and services reflect its commitment to standard diffusion:

Arianna+ teleordering system is based on EDI standard.

Alice and e-kitāb databases are supplied in ONIX format files.

CCE-Classificazione Commerciale Editoriale (Italian book trade subject category based on BIC) is used in Alice and e-kitāb databases.

For more info on standard formats used:

Arianna+ technical documentation
ONIX format files: Alice - e-kitāb
CCE-Classificazione Commerciale Editoriale
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